IQOS Iluma Prime gold


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Brand new IQOS 4th generation device. Premium model. Heating without blade. No cleaning required. Designed in Switzerland by PMI. For use with Terea sticks only.

We will not sell e-cigarettes and related products to persons that are under 19 years old

The IQOS 4.o iLUMA uses advanced induction heating technology, which creates a current in the small pieces of metal inside the IQOS TEREA heatsticks. The taste is much more smooth and even thanks to the balanced induction heating process. The new IQOS 4.0 iLUMA does not have the fragile heating blade element anymore, which is a headache for many people to repair.

  • There are two devices introduced of 4.0 iLUMA, the 4.0 Standard and 4.o Prime.

The Standard opens the door of its compartment from the side like the previous DUO, while the 4.o Prime is more like a glasses box with squared shape and a more luxury elegant appearance, which is opened from a nicely weaved cover. The IQOS 4.0 iLUMA is a level up and the next generation device worth buying. Please notice the 4.o devices only works with the specially designed heatsticks named TEREA, and is not compatible with other sticks including heets etc.

With a new structure without blades, there is no need to worry about blade damage, and there is no need for troublesome cleaning after use.

Device can be used two times continuously. It also has an auto start function that automatically starts heating.


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